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My Story

In 2017, I decided to quit my well-paid but overworked London finance job and move abroad to Lisbon, Portugal. Long hours, stressful environments, unfulfilling work. These things do not resonate well with anyone. And yet these things are the reality for far too many people all around the world. Something needs to change. Until society catches up and realises it’s errors, or if it ever does, people must empower themselves in order to have a meaningful and rich existence.

London is amazing. But this is what it can look like through the eyes of someone who is unfulfilled

The Goal of Project Fulfilment

This is where this website comes in. It is time for humanity to take control. It is possible for everyone to create a life where they have time for their passions, their family, their happiness. It is tragically within-reach, that every human being on this planet can work to be healthy, to be stress-free, and to be fulfilled. And yet only a small portion of the world realises this.

Billions of people have regular access to the internet, but only a tiny portion of the world realises the potential that this technology brings. This website sets out to inform its readers on how to build sustainable, sizeable income online. This income will help the readers retake command of their life. No more irritating managers. No more meaningless and unfulfilling work. No more making money for someone else! 

My new environment

We all have one life and one life only. It’s time to use that life to good effect. We weren’t born to work, we were born to live as fully as possible, every day! I will consider my website a success if I can instil this belief inside you (the reader), and help you to achieve your income targets on your own terms. What could be more fulfilling that that?


What Content can You Expect to Find?

The content may be expansive but it shall all connect to the website’s fundamental purpose:  to make income for the reader which can help build a sustainable and happy lifestyle with no need to work for an employer.

This may include expertly-written guides on different online revenue streams, based on the size of the income, the scalability of the income and whether it can be systemised/sustained. It can include reviews of other websites, courses, and information providers.

The content will be written for beginners mainly to begin with, but there will also be more in-depth articles for more developed readers. Sometimes the detail can be the difference between a good income stream and a life-changing income stream. There may also be motivational posts, advice on what to buy to help you, and other related lifestyle tips and teachings.


Final Words & Contact Me Page

I hope you find everything you’ve been looking for on my site. If you’d like to chat, leave a comment on this post (or any of the other ones) or contact me via email on my Contact Me page.

All the best,




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