How to get the Most Out of Wealthy Affiliate – A Step-by-Step Guide


Wealthy Affiliate is a dedicated, knowledge-rich community that work together to drive each other’s websites to the next level.

In my opinion, it is the easiest way to surround yourself with the very best in the affiliate marketing world and help propel yourself to making life-changing money online as soon as possible.

Making passive income online is not for everyone, despite its clear benefits. But with the help available from Wealthy Affiliate, it is quite hard to fail! It really is largely formula driven, and with the right help from the right people, it is an excellent way to make money online.

I am going to take you through a step-by-step guide, with screenshots, showing you just what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and how you can leverage it to make yourself successful.



Step 1 – Apply The Teachings Immediately


The free membership of Wealthy Affiliate gets you access to the first certification course which has really useful information for beginners on how to set up an affiliate marketing website. It teaches and enables you to create two official WordPress websites, completely free of charge, to own forever!

However, if you want to master affiliate marketing, create more than 2 websites, and learn everything you need to know to be a massive success, then I would suggest taking the advanced courses.



Through my referral scheme the advances courses will cost you $19 in your first month. In theory if you put your head down and work hard you can get through all the content (11 additional courses compared to the free account!) in the first month and cancel your membership, having the whole thing cost you less than $20. I would not advise this, but in the interests of honesty, it is a possibility. For every month after, Wealthy Affiliate membership costs a very low $49 and grants you access to a world where you can make life-changing, passive income online with the help of a committed and intelligent community.

The certification levels cover the following topics:



Level 1 – Getting Started

Find your passionate niche

Set up a WordPress website

Create content from keyword research


Level 2 – Building Web Traffic

Create your own domain and brand

Create a framework for your content

Discover the potential of long-tail keywords


Level 3 – Making Money

Understand how affiliate networks, affiliate programs and online advertising work.

Discover affiliate products within your niche.

Learn to write product reviews and proper placement of affiliate links


Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

Set up your business social profile

Get engaging comment for your content

Learn how to share content socially


Level 5 – Maximizing Content Creation

Improve content readability

Learn to write effectively with intent

Invite people to comment on your site






Work through the above content, and make sure you complete the tasks at the end of each lesson! This ensures you are APPLYING the knowledge and truly learning how to build a successful affiliate marketing site, rather than just reading about it and never taking action.

Taking action is the most important trait that most people are unable to possess – which is why affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone! Take action and you will succeed and make good money in the process.

Knowledge is a crucial part of succeeding in this industry. However, it is only one of a few key elements to fast success. The second element, participation and assistance, will be achieved by following the next two steps.


Step 2 – Take Advantage of the Forums


The forums, training, and question sections on Wealthy Affiliate truly are second-to-none. The best part is how user-friendly the experience is.

For example, the day I forgot how to put a box around text when writing a blog post for my website. WA, can you help?




Would you look at that! A quick question in the search bar on the front page of the website, and I was inundated with useful information related to my request. It came in the form of official training on certain subjects, the questions and answers section, as well as blog posts made and up voted by members of the community. It really is the most thriving community for affiliate marketers and bloggers in the world!

The certification courses were the reason I made my free account in the first place, but the community was definitely the reason I stayed!

Unfortunately, a lot o people sign up, take the free certification courses, occasionally stick around for the $19 first month (through my referral only) in order to finish all the advanced courses, and then they cancel their account and leave!

Whilst that is fine and they undoubtedly received a lot of free value for that, it is a shame. This is because the people who stick around, soak up the information in the forums and community, private message BIG influencers in the affiliate marketing game, and make their money back 10 times over on the affiliate bootcamp (read on for more info) are the ones who truly get the most out of the service and become big names in affiliate marketing themselves!



One of the first steps you take when completing the certification course is stating how much you’d like to earn each month and how many hours you are prepared to work to achieve it. The values people give vary from $1,000 to $100,000 a month, but $10,000 a month is an amount that is quite common. $10,000 a month is EASY for anyone who sticks around, soaks in the knowledge, and follows the lessons given. It won’t be immediate, it may take a year to start generating that amount, but it is easy, make no mistake about it.



If you stick around to take advantage of the forums and live chat feed, you will see just how many people are making the above a reality. These are ORDINARY people who are making the RIGHT choices.



Step 3 – Private Chat the Very Best Whenever you Want!

At Wealthy Affiliate, there is ranking system which quickly helps you locate the biggest and most helpful influencers on the website. The crazy part? Not enough people take advantage of this!

There is literally a list of influential, successful affiliate marketers on the website, who are willing to help anyone and everyone, and not enough people are taking advantage of that!




The top two in the above image (Kyle & Carson)? They are the creators of the website. And yes – they reply to everyone and are very active in the community. They are rich beyond their wildest dreams due to affiliate marketing, and are always looking for the next big niche website to launch themselves. They provide website feedback as well as answering general questions, and they conduct live webcasts every month to teach a new skill. They really are fantastic as both people and as a resource.

You could literally go down this list, sending the same message to each of them, and you are likely to get a response from 90% of them within a few days. What an excellent resource for someone who is in their first year of affiliate marketing. It helped me a lot to say the least!



Sometimes messaging the right person can even result in more free learning material!




Don’t be one of the people who just signs up to take advantage of the free certification courses. For the quickest and most sure-fire route to success, utilise the community all the time! Remember that sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Finally, there is just one more step to making the most out of Wealthy Affiliate.



Step 4 – Take the Affiliate Bootcamp and MAKE MONEY from Wealthy Affiliate





The Affiliate Bootcamp is the best affiliate marketing program you can be involved with right now. You will receive 50% of all the sales Wealthy Affiliate receives through your affiliate link!





If the 1 in 8 rate is accurate, this would in effect mean you make just short of $22 on average every time someone clicks your affiliate link and buys an annual subscription. If your website is seeing 5 clicks a day (which is actually really low on Wealthy Affiliate), you would be making $110 a day without even doing anything! $3,300 a month for barely any work! And this is low-end, $10,000 a month is not uncommon.

In addition, you get $1 every time someone signs up to the free account!




The Affiliate Bootcamp covers 7 in-depth phases which are designed to get you hundreds of thousands of clicks on your website every month. It is a successful and repeatable formula – and Wealthy Affiliate benefit massively from sharing it with you, as they’ll be getting 50% themselves! Every $175 you earn is $175 Wealthy Affiliate earns. They enjoy getting really easy income from people all around the world following their proven formula. You enjoy leveraging the Wealthy Affiliate name, community and expert teachings to make yourself money with zero investment on your end!

There are people who use Wealthy Affiliate without taking part in the Affiliate Bootcamp, and that is fine. They will get a lot of free or cheap value from the site, and become successful affiliate marketers.

However, those who utilise the Affiliate Bootcamp often see success far faster, and earn cash in their first month or two (like me)!


Take Action! Sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for FREE Today

Click the link just above to find my referral link and start your free account with Wealthy Affiliate. Once you see the value in it, you may even decide to pay the small fee of $19 to unlock the advanced learning and start your journey to a better life.


I offer full training and guidance from myself for anyone who signs up for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate through my referral link. Join the team and change your life for the better!


As always, comment below or message me via the Contact Me page. I am always willing to help people with advice or just someone to rebound ideas off of. Have a great day!




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