How to Make a Logo in Canva – Easy and Free!


All businesses need a well-made logo in order to establish themselves as a brand. This isn’t only important for affiliate marketers.

This post will show you how to use a website called Canva to design logos (or any other form of photo you’d like!).


The Best Bits of Canva…

I was introduced to Canva by the clever folks at Wealthy Affiliate, and I’m SO glad they did (to be honest, if it wasn’t for the insight I got at Wealthy Affiliate it would have taken me twice as long to establish my affiliate sites to the level they are today…).


Canva offers:

  1. FREE designs based off numerous templates, from logos to web banners, social media or even infographics!
  2. All the colours in the rainbow to choose from (using Hex colour codes if you want to be specific…).
  3. A diverse range of shapes, images, and charts to add to your image.
  4. You can upload your own images to add, completely free!
  5. Last but not least – it’s SO EASY to use. I know nothing about design and have no problems with it.


What sucks about Canva…

For starters, Canva will try to charge you a bit of money (usually $1) to use the premium images. However, there is a funky trick you can use to get around that, which I will explain shortly.

Secondly, the website only operates with Hex colour codes. If you already operate on a different colour code you may need to find the Hex code equivalent before using Canva.

I really wanted to write three bad points here but it was too difficult to find any! Drop a comment below if you can think of one…

In essence, it’s the perfect free tool to make a great first logo. If your business starts generating millions in revenue and you feel you can afford an upgrade, I’m sure there are more sophisticated programs. And yet, I feel that I could mimic any of the leading brand’s logos in the world using Canva and get pretty damn close…

Tips & Tricks to Master Canva

First thing’s first, pick the type of image you want.

If it’s a logo you’re making, click on ‘Logo’. It’s as simple as that.

Then click on the background, followed by the changing the background colour under ‘background’ on the left, to pick the background colour for your brand.


1. Make your logo background and website background IDENTICAL


  1. Take a screen grab/ screenshot of the background of your website.
  2. Go to Image Color Picker and upload the screen grab
  3. Take the Hex colour code it gives you and paste it into the background colour section of Canva

It’s a good idea to save the Hex colour code down so you have it for future reference.














Now we need to design the logo. My advice for first-time logo designers would be to keep it very simple and sleek. Pick a shape to use, and a font, and test combinations of them out with your background colour to see what works.

If you’d like to use a specific image from Google/ anywhere else, simply save the image onto your device and upload it to Canva like below. I personally use this a lot and it has great impact on my websites! However, do not use any existing brand images/logos when designing your own logo, as that is obviously copyright infringement and you could get sued when your website/company becomes bigger.


2. Use a PREMIUM Canva image without paying for it…


No problem. There are two possibilities for you.



So, in this example, you want to use the turtle with the red arrow in the image to the right (notice there are a few free options on Canva already).
Canva would want you to upgrade to a pro membership in order to use it. The pro membership isn’t expensive and you can do that if you want.

However, if you use the upload feature (which is FREE), you can upload any image of a turtle on the whole of the internet and use that!


This leads us to possibility one…









Possibility One:
Find a similar image on the internet and upload it to Canva for free. To be honest the website has billions more images than Canva, so you’re really not missing out and will have more choice by just uploading the images you want to add manually.



Possibility Two:

Do a reverse Google image search.

If you want the EXACT same image, you need to take a screen grab/screenshot of the desired Canva image. Then go to reverse Google image and upload the screen grab. This will find the image for you somewhere else on the internet, which you can just upload to Canva yourself!














The reverse Google image search will not work for every image (it couldn’t find our turtle above…).

If it doesn’t you can simply upload the screen grab to Canva, although the image might not have the dimensions you want if you do that.


The only issue that can arise with the screen grab method is that you cannot make the image much larger than it already is or the quality will fade. This would not happen if you had bought the image.

If you want the background to not be gray (say I wanted it white to match the rest of my above image), simply go into paint and fill it white before uploading it.


The above took me 30 seconds. I am not a designer. Please be nice…

The point is, I have two turtle images in my logo that were meant to only be for pro membership users – I haven’t paid a thing for them!


What you shouldn’t do with Canva…


Firstly, NEVER pay for a premium account! Personally I do not see the value in paying for the additional images when you can upload your own for free. The only benefit seems to be if you want to be lazy and just choose their images without looking online for better ones. Your logo deserves better than that.

The best functionality of the website comes with a free account so I would suggest sticking to a free account forever. It is a fantastic tool and I have no idea why it is free, but it is! So make the most of it.

Secondly, don’t do anything too complicated! The best logos are the simplest ones. This is not the same as making your logo predictable (I would strongly suggest NOT making your logo predictable).

Fundamentally, your logo is the first thing you’ll see when you go onto your website, and you want it to inspire YOU every time you see it. Make it personal to you. Let it speak the message you want to send to people about your mission. My only request is that you keep it simple and use simple shapes/ images/ fonts. It needs to be readable, and in some way related to the goal of your company/website.

Example time – Project Fulfilment’s Logo


For example, this website’s logo. It was made on Canva for free!

It is a stick man standing proudly in between two sets of falling dominoes that are coming together. The message here is simple – become fulfilled and proud of what you do every day. Do not settle for a job you hate. Do what makes you happy. This is the essence of affiliate marketing, as it allows you to write about what YOU are passionate about, and to be your own boss.


The dominoes are imagery showing everything falling into place. One small action/decision (knocking over the first domino) sets the other pieces off, making the result much bigger than the initial action. This represents one of the first teachings of affiliate marketing – be consistent and don’t give up, as each small action will help everything fall into place. What you’ll be left with is something far greater than what you started with!


So, to conclude that point, my logo is made up of two messages:

  1. Be proud of what you do on a daily basis
  2. Take action – each small decision in the right direction will trigger events that could make BIG changes to your life

Honestly, it took me an hour tops to do everything: coming up with the message I wanted to convey, and to think of an original way to display it (my girlfriend helped a lot here!), and creating it on Canva . Finding the stick man and domino blocks took 2 minutes on Google. I then uploaded it to Canva, worked out how I wanted to set it out, and downloaded the image. I was shocked at how easy it was for a free website!

Take Action – make a logo for FREE with Canva


I hope you found this post useful.

As always, leave a comment below if you’d like any help or want to chat. I always respond.

If you’d like to know how to learn everything you need to know to make life-changing money in affiliate marketing/ blogging about what you love, click here.



Author: Alex

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Logo in Canva – Easy and Free!

  1. Hi, this is a great article, really well laid out and incredibly useful. I have been putting off the logo side of my website for some time, mainly because I didn’t want the hassle of finding a designer, but this looks like it is definitely worth a go. Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Oliver,

      Thanks for your comment. Don’t put it off! Getting a nice logo for your site is so easy and (in my case at least) really motivates me to post regularly and make it a success. Giving your website a certain look begins to develop its brand and it’s a part of affiliate marketing that makes me really proud of what I’m producing. Hopefully that came across!

      Enjoy your weekend.


  2. This is perfect as I have recently been struggling with a logo. This is great information and something I can definitely use.

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