How to Use Jaaxy – Turbocharge Your Website’s Traffic

To the readers that know a bit about Affiliate Marketing and Blog Creation, they will be aware that it is largely a formula-driven numbers game.

Of course, content is just as important as it was before. But instead of being able to write award-winning articles, it is more about providing value to the readers at all costs. And in order to be able to provide value to as many people as possible, you need to be able to drive ‘traffic’ to your website. Traffic = people clicking on your site.

The best part of this is that driving traffic to your website is a formula-driven process.

If you take the steps that I teach on this website, you WILL succeed.

In this post we will be looking at how to use Jaaxy. See the content of the article here and skip to the part that you want to read about:

  1. What is Jaaxy
  2. The benefits and drawbacks of using Jaaxy
  3. How to get a Jaaxy account for free / using it to get traffic

Let’s begin!

What Jaaxy Does

When you go to its website, you will see this:

It is essentially a platform that allows you to see data around certain keywords/ combinations of words in search engines.

Here is what it tells you:



Average monthly traffic for the search term/ keyword you searched for

The number of visits your page will receive by ranking on the top page for that search term

How many other sites are ranking for that search term (i.e your competition)

The keyword’s ranking – Jaaxy calculates this based on the above



This allows you to pick your blog titles based on specific keywords that you KNOW will generate traffic to your website. This is a strategy that Wealthy Affiliate promotes in particular, and has enabled me to successfully generate considerably more traffic to my websites compared to if I just randomly chose my titles.

Without using Jaaxy to find high-ranking keywords, you’re essentially keeping yourself in the dark and it will take you much longer to see results. Remember, making passive income is a formula-drive approach! Follow the steps and you will succeed.


Benefits of Jaaxy

It is extremely easy to use

You will see why in the following sections.

You can use it for FREE with a Wealthy Affiliate membership (which can also be free!)

Keep reading for the link needed to get your free Wealthy Affiliate membership (no card required)

Can compare multiple keywords at the same time

You can save multiple lists of keywords and come back to them later

Jaaxy suggests other keywords based on what you search


Drawbacks of Jaaxy


Some keyword suggestions do not make coherent sense

As you will see in the next section, some suggestions do not make coherent sense on their own. You will of course use your judgement to only pick keywords that make sense. It may be tempting to use a keyword that does not make sense because it drives a lot of traffic… don’t! Your readers will not appreciate nonsensical titles and you will not be providing the same value to them as a result.


You have to click on each keyword separately to see the ranking numbers (only if you use the lite version)

This is a minor issue but one that should be noted. In order to punish you for choosing the free lite version (free with Wealthy Affiliate membership), you will have to click on each keyword separately to see their ranking numbers.


As you can see circled above. You need to click “Get QSR” on each keyword to generate the below:

The benefits of Jaaxy clearly outweigh the benefits. The fact that you can acquire it for free makes it a no-brainer in our eyes here at PF.


How to get Jaaxy Membership – Utilising a WA Membership!


The best route to getting a Jaaxy membership is to make a Wealthy Affiliate account, as it comes free. Once you have signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, you need to click on the Jaaxy sidebar and set up your own Jaaxy account.










Once you have set up your account, you will see the Jaaxy dashboard in the image above. Click on that to use Jaaxy!

All that is left to do is search for the keywords you want to use and find the best combination of words to use to drive traffic to your website! It is really simple.


How to get Jaaxy without a Wealthy Affiliate Membership


Utilising Wealthy Affiliate membership is the best way to get Jaaxy membership as it makes Jaaxy membership free. However, if you’d rather not, follow the below link to get Jaaxy directly through their website:


Click here for Jaaxy without WA Membership


An Example of using Jaaxy


To continue with our earlier example, let’s say we want to produce a post on our website about how to write a kindle e-book. Searching this on the dashboard above gives us the following results:



Here is a breakdown of what each column means:

Avg – The average monthly searches for the keyword

Traffic – The average expected traffic for your website if it ranks on the first page for this keyword

QSR – The number of websites (competition) ranking for this keyword

KQI – Keyword quality indicator, which basically turns the SEO into a user-friendly word rank

SEO – A score based on the traffic and competition of the keyword. 100 is best, 0 is worst.

So as you can see, all the keywords that I found with my search are rated fairly highly in terms of SEO. The rule of thumb is usually looking for a QSR of 100 or under, a KQI of great and an SEO of 80 or above. And of course, the higher the Avg and Traffic numbers are the better!

However, you will also notice that some of the suggested keywords are not actually relevant to what I want to be writing about – I’m not writing a comic book!

‘How to Publish a Kindle Book’ seems like a better title option than my initial ‘How to Write a Kindle Book’ as it only has 9 additional competitors, but over six times more monthly searches.

Now you can really see the benefit of Jaaxy. Without it, you would have picked your initial ‘How to Write a Kindle Book” title and lost out on six times as many readers!



Take action – get a Jaaxy account today!


I hope you found the above tutorial useful and are inspired to create your own Jaaxy account and drive even more traffic to your websites.

As always, if you have any questions or want to chat, leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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