Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam – What it Offers and What it Doesn’t!

There are some courses or teachings which can really change everything for a person.

For me, this came when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

A website/course designed to help individuals and entrepreneurs set up successful and meaningful websites in order to make serious money from affiliate marketing – it set out to achieve something quite spectacular.

Does WA succeed? Please read on for a no-nonsense, honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

What WA Offers as a Platform


In terms of what you can get out of the website, the offering is fourfold:

  1. A structured and detailed course on how to set up a successful affiliate marketing website
  2. Access to support from a large community of like-minded and inspiring affiliate marketers
  3. Daily activity including posts, articles & live webinars from the founders
  4. They set up your websites with ease and with the cheapest rates around


Benefit 1 – The Course

In terms of point one, this is the best structured course on affiliate marketing I have ever seen personally (I’ve seen a few). The best part about it is that phase one has so much excellent information on how to set up a website and start writing key-word-rich posts to generate traffic to your site – and it’s free!

The course is structured like an online PowerPoint slide, but with insightful videos on each page with roughly 15-30 minutes of incredibly useful content per page.

There are four additional phases to help you become a master in affiliate marketing, but these are part of the premium package. It costs $19 in your first month, and $49 thereafter.

Here are the teaching phases:


Level 1 – Getting Started

Find your passionate niche

Set up a WordPress website

Create content from keyword research


Level 2 – Building Web Traffic

Create your own domain and brand

Create a framework for your content

Discover the potential of long-tail keywords


Level 3 – Making Money

Understand how affiliate networks, affiliate programs and online advertising work.

Discover affiliate products within your niche.

Learn to write product reviews and proper placement of affiliate links


Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

Set up your business social profile

Get engaging comment for your content

Learn how to share content socially


Level 5 – Maximizing Content Creation

Improve content readability

Learn to write effectively with intent

Invite people to comment on your site




In theory, you could sign up, pay $19, cover the content in a week and then cancel before you even come close to having to pay $49 for a second month. It’s not what I’d recommend personally, but if money is tight for you, it’s an option that would mean you gain incredible knowledge and insight into how to build your successful affiliate marketing website for a tiny price of $19!


Benefit Two – The Support & Community


The support at WA is what really makes the whole experience so special. Without even being a paying customer, you can gain access not only to the thousands of active affiliate marketers on the website (who are surprisingly always happy to help newbies I found!), but even the website founders themselves!

Kyle & Carson are the co-founders and they do a great job at the day-to-day running of the website and its thriving community. The fact that you can set up an account without putting any payment information in, and immediately gain exposure to people who are making more money a month from their laptops at home than I made from a year working in finance in London. It’s mind-boggling!


Benefit Three – Additional Daily Content
New content is posted daily by the founders and the community, making it the most active and thriving affiliate marketing network I have seen. You will see through the hundreds of comments on each one that the community really cares about each other and will give all the knowledge they can to see everyone around them succeed together.

Live webinars are conducted weekly which you can sign up for, to learn in real-time from the very best. If you cannot make it for the live webinar, they are recorded so you can watch them at your leisure. Excellent!



Benefit 4 – Website creation


Through the WA website you can make free websites, or buy your own domain for $13.99 (annual). This price is the lowest you will find in the market, and the fact that everything is done for you by WA is astonishing! Maintenance is covered by WA, all you have to focus on is writing your content and designing how it looks (which is easy with WordPress themes).

After creating your domain name and owning your very own website, you can design it via WA. You can choose from 4,000+ WordPress themes to use, write your content through WA’s sophisticated content page that allows you to make and edit drafts, generate comments on your website by utilising the WA community, get site feedback from the WA community and get site support that reply to your issue within 5 minutes of sending.



See below an example of a review from a WA member:

The Downsides of WA – What it Doesn’t Offer!


I am pro-Wealthy Affiliate, and do not see too many downsides. However, in the interests of transparency, let’s discuss potential downsides for the website.

Firstly, simply joining WA will not make you an expert immediately and will not guarantee you success!

You will need to put the work in, be active in seeking knowledge and help, and make good content for your website. WA is not a magic potion but rather an effective formula! Apply the formula and you will excel.

Secondly, the website is centred mainly towards the US market. This does not mean people from other countries cannot get involved. On the contrary, WA has a thriving international base, with myself being from England and living in Portugal. You just need to be aware that WA was created by Americans/Canadians so the material will be centred towards that (my English words are usually auto corrected to the American spelling when using the content creator!).

And finally, to get complete access to all the content, it does cost money. $49 a month if you keep it past the first month. This is a bargain and super cheap compared to any viable alternative. However, money is money. The successful members of WA make their money back on this thousands of times over, so it should not be much of a negative if you are even remotely serious about following the teachings!




>>>>>>>>>>>>Take action! Join the #1 Community for Affiliate Marketing for Free Today! <<<<<<<<<<<<


I hope this post has provided you with enough information to help you realise this is a no-lose deal. It is free to sign up and have access to the best community on the internet, with impressively detailed and well-structured knowledge on how to make serious money in affiliate marketing. Click the link above to get started.

It requires work, but anyone can do it! Build life-changing passive income today and take back control of your life. You owe it to yourself to try.

As always, comment below and I will be happy to assist you with any questions you have and help you need.



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