What is a Passive Income Stream – Is it really the way to fulfilment?


Often on my teachings I mention passive income and how we should all be aiming to automate our income?

But what does that mean? And is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Today I’m going to talk you through exactly what it means, how it works, and why you should be aiming for passive income.

Let’s begin!



What the #^&% is Passive Income?!


No, it’s not sitting on the beach without a care in the world. Although if used correctly, it CAN be.


Passive income really isn’t rocket science.

It’s not even new!

People have been making passive income ever since economies were first constructed thousands of years ago – even if they called it something else.

In essence, passive income is money that you make without any additional effort – i.e. after an initial burst of effort, the income is generated without you needing to actually do anything. Your money is essentially on autopilot!

Let me give you an example using Affiliate Marketing:


      1. Set up a blog/website
      2. Generate traffic to the website
      3. Add affiliate marketing links to generate money from the traffic
      4. Pay someone a bit of money to write a post once a week to keep it active (or do it yourself)
      5. Sit back and watch as you make money without having to do anything!



In the above example, you’ll earn money consistently and constantly during the month with essentially no work on your part. You’ll earn money when you go on holiday. You’ll earn money regardless of what you’re doing. Heck, you’ll earn money while you’re sleeping! Trust me when I say it’s’ a great feeling.

Other examples of passive income are:

  • Dropshipping
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • YouTube
  • Social media optimisation
  • Investing in stocks, shares or cryptocurrencies (comes with its risks!)

There are many more. The above are the main ones, which are discussed on this website.

The great part is, you can do ALL of them, not just one! Once you have all of them set up, you can leverage the success of each one to help the others, but more on that in another post…



Passive Income Means NO MORE 9-5



Once passive income is successfully implemented, a normal job is no longer necessary. A job is essentially you earning money for someone else, and getting paid a very small percentage of that back to you. In return, you get the security of monthly income. Nothing more than that…

But what does a job take from you?

  • Your health and (sometimes) sanity
  • Time with your family and loved ones
  • Your ability to travel/take holiday for longer than 2 consecutive weeks…
  • The best years of your life!

I could go on… basically a job really asks a lot from you without you even noticing. Why don’t you notice? Because it’s the norm!

If you could make $5,000 – $50,000 a month guaranteed from passive income online, would you bite my hand off? The funny thing is that thousands of people worldwide are utilising passive income to make millions every year and the other billions of people on the planet are not even aware of it!

Personally, I quit my stressful job in London where I was overworked and not appreciated. I moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and spend each day on my terms, doing what I want to do and nothing more.

I’ve found time for my friends in Lisbon. I’ve found time to go to the gym daily and get in the best physical shape of my life. There has not been a single day of stress since I left London.

If you’re asking yourself why you should bother to learn how to make passive income. This is why:

So you can quit your job which is eating away your precious time and stressing you out.

So you can live life on your terms, do what makes you happy, and better yourself each and every day.

So you can make a lot more money than you were making before at your dead end job.


I chose to start this website because I believe fundamentally that people are wasting away their lives for no good reason. They want money, but what they don’t realise is that money is nothing without life fulfilment! Often the people making the most money via the traditional route of a job, are the ones who don’t have any time for life fulfilment. It’s sad! Their parents are proud of them, their friend envious. So what! They are completely and utterly unfulfilled!







Step 1, choose a passive income stream.

It is best to just start with one, learn everything you can from it and make money from it, then start making more.

If you want cash flow immediately, Amazon FBA/Dropshipping are the best methods.

If you want zero investment and a greater long-term horizon, start with Affiliate Marketing or YouTube/social media.

Amazon FBA requires a few hundred dollars initially to set up the software you need and to buy some inventory (this is all discussed in my other posts). Dropshipping requires less up-front investment as you are simply the middle-man connecting the buyers with the sellers, but requires more research to find a supplier with a dropshipping agreement.

Personally I started with Affiliate Marketing and feel it is the best choice. If you are not camera shy, starting a YouTube account as well as a website in order to drive traffic to your affiliate links is not a bad choice either.


Step 2 – action step 1!

That’s right, I know you were already wanting to know what step 2 is. Well guess what, you need to do step 1 first! Too many people read about passive income without taking action, and it is losing people considerable money and more importantly, life fulfillment!



But how do I action step 1? I’m scared!

Don’t be. Of course it is scary to go against the norm. But when the norm is getting a job and living a resentful and unfulfilled life until you retire or die, I think trying something outside the norm is relatively less scary!

Read my page on Wealthy Affiliate, which is a dedicated community that looks to help each other make as much money as possible through affiliate marketing (often leveraging social media). It has 5 certification courses, and even 7 courses of an Affiliate Bootcamp which enables you to make good money a lot earlier than setting up on your own.


You can get an account for FREE. That’s right, zero cost. No need to give card details. Completely free. You can create two websites for yourself for free as well with Wealthy Affiliate, with zero coding knowledge required! You simply pick the domain name and the website style (theme) and you’re ready to go!

If you want the fancy membership with all the teachings and access unlocked, I can offer you a nice referral link, making it only $19 for the first month, and if at that point you decide the membership is worth it, you pay $49 a month. This is what I pay and I am happy to do so as I make my money back hundreds of times over! If you don’t think it’s worth it, you can stop it after the first month, or just have the free account.

The free account is how I started and it’s incredibly valuable!



Take Action – Follow the Steps I’ve Provided in Order to Make Easy, Passive Income in 2018 and Create a Fulfilling Life!

As always, I love to help or just to chat. Leave a comment below or contact me through the Contact Me page. I get back to everyone!



Author: Alex

2 thoughts on “What is a Passive Income Stream – Is it really the way to fulfilment?

  1. I want to quit my job so bad. But the only thing that’s holding me back is the bills. I mean I’m willing to but the time and work in for me to have a successful affiliate marketing website. But it just doesn’t seem to bring in the money as quite as I need it to for bills etc.

    How can I make this transition without regretting it?

    1. Hi Ted,

      This kind of thinking is exactly why most people choose to live a life working at a job they hate. They’re worried about how the bills will be paid.

      With little-to-know money needed to invest in affiliate marketing what do you have to lose? All of the passive income streams I suggested can be done while having a job. When you start to see serious money, you can then quit your job with zero risk.

      Wealthy Affiliate really helps people who are looking to make their first journey into the affiliate marketing world. I can’t recommend it enough! $19 is nothing compared to the life-changing money that can be earned by taking the lessons learn on board and actioning them.


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